Freedom to unleash your "hp" human potential


I'm Hoberleigh Phreigh (Hoberly Fray) Thank you for visiting my website.

I am now specializing in trauma relief sessions. If you have suffered a traumatic experience and you have been unable to fully recover, this may be the answer.

Trauma Relief

Your path to freedom

Contrary to the saying, time does not  heal all wounds.

I  would like to invite you to the world of Tele-Energetics hp Technique. The purpose of this work  is to help individuals who're suffering from a trauma event to release the emotional impact that affects  everyday life.  Unlike talk therapy which may help  you cope with a  devastating experience, this new technique goes further to energetically  release you from the emotional burden. 

Have  you ever experienced something in your life that keeps you up at night  because you can't stop thinking about it? 

Do you spend a lot of time and  energy during the day trying not to think about it? 

Do you feel your  life is consumed with guilt, grief or anger because of a specific happening?

Isn't it time to release it?

What Will You Gain?


More Peace

The  emotional impact from a trauma may continue to live in the body even  after having worked to clear the mind. That's why talk therapy, which  is wonderful to help one cope with the memory, does not always help to  eliminate the problem.  You can have memories without the emotional pain and increase your "hp" human potential for peace.


More Freedom

Sleep more peacefully without the thoughts and emotions of the traumatic memories.  With  this process the energy field is cleared. The memory is retained but  the emotion is significantly reduced and, in most cases, completely  eliminated. It allows you to increase your "hp" human potential to soar.


More Joy

 Get back to  enjoying your family, friends, and the things you love without having to re-live the past pain in an endless loop. Wouldn't you like to increase your "hp" human potential to live more joyfully?