Freedom to unleash your "hp" human potential


Hoberleigh Phreigh, MSOM, LAc.,

 Founder of Tele-Energetics hp  Technique




Hoberleigh began her career in healing work in the mid 1980's. 

She was initiated in Reiki and began her spiritual journey becoming a licensed practitioner of Religious Science.

In  the 1990's she earned her Master of Science degree from SAMRA  University of Oriental Medicine and she became a licensed acupuncturist.

Beginning in 2000 she began to study various bio-energetic healing modalities. During her years of practice, she began combining several of the bio-energetic modalities to create the trauma releasing technique known as Tele-Energetics hp Technique.


Hoberleigh no longer uses needles in her practice nor sees clients in person.

She specializes in trauma relief work and is able to work with her clients on-line anywhere in the world.

Satisfaction guaranteed or no charge.