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Why I call myself The SuperQuack


 Why would an honest, self-respecting practitioner of energy healing call herself a SuperQuack?  Do I really consider myself a quack?  Well, no.  However, there are quite a number of people who consider the work of energy healing quackery, and at one time I was one of them.  After years of extensive study and success in my practice I have changed my mind.  While I do take my work seriously, I don’t take myself seriously.  On that score I am willing to use humor to get my point across.  This book is the story of my journey from a cold skeptic, to a curious explorer, to a believer with such passion that I have made energy healing my life’s work.    

My qualifications run the gamut of degree programs, course series, and workshops, spanning over 30 years.   
Here is an outline of my training and background:  
In 1985 I became interested in healing techniques and received my first Reiki attunements eventually becoming a Reiki Master.  
In 1987 I began studying The Science of Mind* and became a licensed Religious Science practitioner.  
In 1999 I graduated with my Master's degree from SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine and became a licensed acupuncturist.  
Since that time I have studied various modalities including:  
Touch for Health   
Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)   
Jaffee Mellor Technique  (JMT)  
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)   
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)   
Matrix Energetics   
Reconnective Healing
Quantum Touch   
Theta Healing
Genome Healing   
Pranic Healing
I have put together my own modality incorporating many of the techniques listed above to quickly and often permanently release the emotional impact of past traumas.  
The training of a SuperQuack was a serious commitment as my friends would happily attest each and every time I announced the pursuit of another healing technique.  In fact, I was dubbed the SuperQuack by a well-meaning supportive friend when I shared with her the description of another class I was going to take.   
“What are going to call yourself once you get certified in this new technique?” she asked.    
“Well,” I answered, “all I can tell you is that from the course description, it sounds like I will be able to do everything but walk on water once I complete it.  It sounds so unbelievable, that I think I’m going to have to call myself a quack.”    
Her grin turned to laughter as she said with all sincerity, “I think you are going to be a SuperQuack.”  
I have learned not to be offended by the term quack when it is applied to me.  I have, in fact, been called a quack to my face.  I don’t take it
personally because the few people who have said it were unfamiliar with my work.  If indeed I am a quack, so be it.  But I am one confident quack who gets results.
With a name like The SuperQuack you’ve probably guessed that this is not going to be a scientific tome of how energy works. 

All of the stories are real events culled from my explorations and adventures working with healing energy on both myself and others.  I have changed the names of some clients in the interests of confidentiality.     
Welcome to my world!  


Book Reviews


"Hoberleigh Phreigh has written an interesting, easy to read book about her experiences with what many of us might consider other worldly. If you are on 'open minded skeptic', interested in exploring the realm of possibility, I encourage you to check out her book!"


"Hoberleigh Phreigh is an amazing healer who has written a funny, informative book with credible stories affirming her gift. Sept is and non skeptics will enjoy this book. "


"Hoberleigh Phreigh's writing is very clear, well-organized and often flashes with humor. This is an enjoyable read, draws you right in. I would have liked a little more about which of these therapies were most helpful for her."


"I just finished this GREAT BOOK by Hoberleigh Phreigh, called The Super Quack""!
It is really a beautiful book describing all the events/classes/workshops she attended to learn where she is now, plus all the many people she has helped with her incredible healing methods...and she has many!

Her book told stories I had no idea about, and how great they ended up after those people saw her and used her healing methods.

I loved it all but especially pages 124 and 125 about ""Protecting Yourself"" and ""Affirmative Prayer...Similar to Visualization"".

Everyone MUST get a copy of this great book and learn what goes on inside us, what causes it, and what we can do about it!"""

Gary Mortimer

"This book changed my life. I was going through a difficult time when a friend suggested that I read ?The Superquack? and maybe think about scheduling a session with Hoberleigh. My initial reaction was, ?Yeah, yeah, sure?why not?? I was much more than a mere skeptic on energy healing, not just because of a lack of understanding, but also because I had spent a major part of my life trying to deny and ignore my persistent intuitive side. But after almost a month of being frustrated and at my wit?s end due to what seemed like an unmitigable anger, I was ready to try anything to find peace. I started reading in a state of numbness. Within a few pages, I began tearing up. Hoberleigh spoke to my soul, relayed stories that were so similar to my own denied experiences, they were almost mine. In a matter of minutes, my heart started beating again in cadence with my inner self; and as the tears flowed, my anger began to ebb. The book had such a profound effect that I immediately went to see Hoberleigh to complete my healing. I have since embraced my intuitive side as an integral part that is to be trusted, not feared, and never denied."

Yey Coronel

"Wow, I didn't want to put this book down. It was somewhat my story as well. As a Naturopath and Nutritionist since the early '90's, I was very concerned about being considered 'new age' which didn't jive with my Baptist upbringing. Hoberleigh Phreigh's journey shares so many different dynamics in the energy field and understanding of healing and her personal experience from skeptic to believer that I wish I'd had it years ago when I began learning this field of energy healing. I highly recommend this read."


Super Quack is a real treat! Hoberleigh Phreigh?s honesty and humor make this account of her experiences in the field of energy medicine an easy and fun read. I truly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

Mary Ann M.