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True Tales of Miracles and other Mystical Experiences

The purpose of this page

The purpose of this link is to provide a place for those who have had mystical experiences to share their stories. The two most common reactions I've received from readers of my book are :

1) They've had their own unexplained mystical experience but denied the experience thinking it must have been a dream or hallucination until they read about mine. That gave them more credibility of their own experience or

2) They had an experience but had no one to tell for fear of being called crazy.

I am providing three platforms for these stories- blog, You Tube video and Podcasts. 

If you have a story to share, please feel free to reach out to me on the contact page. I welcome hearing about YOUR MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE!


My own story from The SuperQuack: Stories of Healing from Out in Left Field

To Infinity and Beyond

It was December 1986. I was in a class that met weekly for a couple of months. The theme was psychic development. We practiced different exercises to become more intuitive. Prior to this course, I had read about astral projection, the ability to travel outside of the body. It sounded fantastic, and I deeply desired to have this experience. I asked the instructor if we could learn how to project ourselves outside the physical form and travel to distant lands in one of our classes. She agreed. I thought she had forgotten as the weeks progressed. She hadn’t, and I was delighted when she announced at the beginning of class a few weeks later that we would practice astral projection.

 As we prepared to take flight, I was seated on the floor, leaning against a chair. Our teacher began by having us relax our bodies and focus on our breathing. Then she began what sounded like a hypnotic induction. She gave us suggestions to travel to the place we would most like to be, and since I had no idea where that might be, I didn’t focus on anywhere in particular.

At the end of the exercise, I found myself back in the room, but it seemed like a million years had passed from the time I had closed my eyes. I looked at everyone else, thinking they must have had the same extraordinary adventure. The students all shared their stories of where they had gone and what they had experienced. My father, who was also a student in the class, said he had flown over the Hawaiian Islands. He had been able to zoom down at will to any of the islands he desired and zoom back up into the sky. Some people had gone to their favorite vacation spots, while a couple of others had gone to their respective hometowns. Some had traveled to places they had never been but had always dreamed of one day going. I kept waiting to hear someone describe something similar to my experience, but it never happened. When everyone else finished telling their own story, I spoke up. As I write this in 2013, over twenty-six years later, I can remember this episode as though it happened yesterday.

As we began, I was breathing slowly, focusing on the sensation of air moving in and out of my nostrils. I heard our instructor counting from one to ten, when all of a sudden, I was surrounded by complete darkness. I was more conscious and aware than I had ever been. I looked all around (with what, I don’t know, as I had no body and, therefore, no eyes, but look I did). I was seeking the light. There’s got to be a light somewhere, I thought. I keep hearing about a tunnel. It’s got to be here somewhere. As I continued to seek, I became hyperaware of the peace that surrounded me. It expanded to a feeling of overwhelming love.

I am one of the fortunate individuals on this planet who grew up with love. Though no thing or person is perfect in this life, including my family, I must say that I always felt loved as a child. Surrounded by darkness in that moment of incredible love, I thought about my childhood and the love I felt back then. I imagined the feeling I used to have as I walked in the front door of the house where I grew up with my family. I attempted to compare the love I had felt then with the love I was experiencing at that moment. There was no comparison—not even close. The love that enveloped me was like the ocean compared to the love I felt on this earthly plane, which felt like only a single drop.

In that moment, a knowingness infused my mind that this was home. It was where we all came from and where we would all end up again. The joy at that understanding was immeasurable.

I don’t believe in a heaven in the clouds, with angels flying around, playing their harps. I never did. I also don’t believe in a hell, ruled by a devil with a pitchfork living in a barbecue pit. I’m just stating my beliefs—or, rather, my nonbeliefs—with no intention of offending anyone else’s beliefs.

I remember watching the character Fred Sanford on Sanford and Son grasping his chest as he feigned a heart attack, looking skyward and saying, “I’m coming home, Elizabeth.” I had never understood what he meant by equating death with coming home. But now I understood. This was home: this magnificent, blissful space—or nonspace—of pure love. 

I’ve heard and read many accounts about near-death experiences. Many are similar to each other in nature, including the idea of going through the tunnel, seeing the light, and being met by loved ones, guides, Jesus, the council of elders, or whoever is there as the reception committee. I’ve heard the stories of feeling the love and of those who were told it was not their time and they must go back, etc. Don’t get me wrong—I believe each and every one is absolutely a real experience. I believe it is a valuable and significant experience, but now I have my doubts regarding the truth of where we go when we die. 

I’ve read about soul families, how we make agreements to learn certain lessons, and how we have specific missions here on earth. I’ve read that for the most part, we choose our lives, our parents, and our challenges. I’ve learned that while we have free will, much is also predetermined. This is all possibly the truth. I can’t deny it, because I have no proof. I also can’t affirm it is the absolute truth.

The experience I had was not like anything I had ever read about. It was not similar to the accounts of others. First of all, there was no light. There was no other person; there was only the most pure sense of love one could ever imagine. It was a warmth as tangible as a warm blanket. It was soothing and comforting and ever present. As I became acclimated, I began thinking of questions. I asked why my mother had died so suddenly earlier that year. I asked about time. I had heard that time was an illusion and was not real. I couldn’t understand how this could be, so I asked, and my question was answered. 

Every time I asked a question—any question—I received an answer. The instant I formed the question in my mind, I saw, felt, and experienced the answer, completely. Here was the problem: when I came back into the awareness of my body, I was not allowed to bring back any of the information I had been shown. I could remember every question I had asked, and I could bring back every thought I had about each experience, but only those thoughts that I had generated in my own mind. If I had not initiated the thought, it was erased as I returned.

Here is what I do remember. I was shown the history of the planet. It was like a movie that was played backward, from the present moment to the beginning of the earth’s formation. But unlike watching a movie, I somehow experienced every part of it—all of life. It was three dimensional, and I was part of all of it. When it finished, I remember thinking, Wow! That was the history of the earth! But then it started all over again, only this time, it was a completely different version. I thought, The earth has had more than one life, and as soon as I had that thought, I saw a third version of the planet’s history. I can’t tell you for sure if there was another one after that or not, but I was feeling so astonished and overwhelmed that I said, “That’s enough. I just want to feel the love some more.” And I did.  Once again, I was surrounded and imbued with the sensation of the most exquisite bliss one could ever imagine. After basking in the love for what felt like millions of years, I was ready to ask more questions. Each moment that I was there seemed simultaneously like all time and no time. There is no way to communicate this sensation so that it makes sense, but while in that state, it felt natural and normal.

I have tried many times through meditation to get back to that state, but I have never been able to replicate the experience. I questioned it for many years, but I know what and how I felt, and it has altered my beliefs tremendously. I’ve heard and read about near-death and out-of-body experiences and have wondered why my experience differed so much from all the others. It made no sense until I read the book The Disappearance of the Universe* by Gary Renard. I won’t go into detail here, but I highly recommend the book. It helped give me an expanded perception of life.

One thing I know is that I was more aware than I have ever been, and I was in complete control of my experience. When I chose to be with the love, I was one with God, or love or whatever you want to call it. I felt as though I were there for eternity, and yet at any moment, I could choose something else. The instant I had a thought, that new thought would become my experience—totally and completely. Whenever I chose to change the experience, I would have another thought, and then that one would be my new experience.

So why or how did I come back? To tell you the truth, I wished I hadn’t come back. But I came back with a definite knowingness that over there is the place where we all return, and that gave me peace. 

As suddenly as it had begun, the experience ended. I was sitting on the floor with my back against a chair. I opened my eyes, and the instructor was in front of me, glancing at her watch. She paused but didn’t see I had opened my eyes. She gently said, “Come back from wherever you are and become aware of your body. When you are ready, you may open your eyes.” 

I wondered why I had come back just before we were told to do so. It was an interesting coincidence. Maybe I wanted to beat the crowd. But in all honesty, I think it was because there was a higher part of me that was tuned into both worlds and wanted my lower self to know it was paying attention. While I’m in this body, in this dimension, I will never know. But maybe someday...


Gary Craig's Mystical Story

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, talks about an experience he had several years ago of ONENESS, where he was in a bubble of "nothing but love." He begins by  talking briefly about EFT. You can find out more about EFT at his website