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I would like to share with you some of my energy work success stories.

 These are just a few testimonials which represent the type of results that can be obtained using energetic healing techniques.

You can read more about bio-energetic modalities and some of my extraordinary experiences in my book, The SuperQuack, Stories of Healing from Out of Left Field.  There is a link in the My Book section to order the book.

Some of the following testimonials are from modalities I have practiced in the past.


Regina and Tunder

Case Study Recommendation Trauma Relief hp Technique

In the summer of 2017, my dog Tunder and I were in a serious out-of-state car accident. The accident left both of us physically injured and traumatized:

  • Tunder under went emergency care in critical condition with severe heat stroke and a debilitating spinal injury.
  • I was diagnosed with PTSD and right back/hip injury.

During our three-month bed rest convalesces, I was connected with Hoberleigh by phone. Via the phone, she assisted me and Tunder with energetic healing that gave us the strength and courage to get back on our “feet/paws” and make plans and the long journey back to California. More recently, we started work with her new method the “trauma relief hp technique”. Hoberleigh has invented a powerful, remote method for identifying and releasing physical and emotional pain via your computer in the comfort of you and your pets’ home.  Tunder and I continue to heal as we seek alternative methods to reduce the effects of our mutual physical injury and PTSD. I am truly blessed to have found the hp technique. Hoberleigh’s credentialed training, sincere interest in my and Tunder’s well being and exceptional talent for intuitive energy work is why I am writing this recommendation. If you are fortunate never to have suffered unexpected traumatic experiences, God bless. But, if you are like Tunder and me, an unexpected and traumatic accident can turn your life upside down, leaving you feeling venerable and in pain. The trauma relief hp technique is now allowing us to begin to release these injuries so we can begin to resume a healthy new life in California. Regina Reynolds and Tunder – May 2018


I had no hope of healing

Hoberleigh worked with me on a trauma that I had no hope of healing. I had previously met with therapists, and experienced no improvement. Hoberlieigh's focus, skill and intuition got right to the root of the problem. I'm a fairly skeptical person, and her techniques are unusual. But after the session I felt like something had left my body - there was a lightness that has continued ever since. Being so much happier has allowed for more good things to come into my life. Thank you Hoberleigh, what you do is amazing.  

A.J. Harper

I've definitely noticed that I'm more at ease since our video session.

 I've tried to go back to experiences I shared  (during the session) and when I do, I realize it's difficult to focus on them and feel an emotion .

I haven't had any nightmares since we spoke so that's good! :)

I am immensely grateful just to experience the amount of healing and traumatic clearing that has taken place! I'm very thankful to you for aiding me in this way!!!






Why am I so angry?

I am not usually acting out of anger and I don’t care for these emotions or this behavior.

This is the situation I presented to Hoberleigh when I sought her help. As she worked her “magic” I felt very strong energy move through me and my father (now in the spirit world) appeared to me. He spoke of the anger he demonstrated so often toward my sisters and me with deep regret, asked for forgiveness and spoke of his love for “his girls”.

I had long ago understood much of the anger and forgiven it, so I wasn’t sure what would change in me after this experience. But change came and the unsettling anger that was getting between me and love is gone!

Thank you so much Hoberleigh.

M.W., Pasadena, CA

When we had our session, I didn’t know what to expect, so I simply remained open.

There are lots of healers out there who can provide you with helpful practices, many of which you can find on your own through self-help books and YouTube videos. What Hoberleigh brings to the table is a passion and ability to hone in on that exact spot where the trouble is hiding. Once revealed, the blockages can be removed, healing commences, and you can get moving again towards balance and health.

When she honed in on the source of my troubles, and then went even further to find its deeply-buried origins, I was surprised and happy with the results. Now that I have this information, I am making some necessary changes in my life. But if you don’t know where the trouble is, or what it is, it can be very hard to do this on your own because you are working blind. Sometimes we need to admit to ourselves that we could use a little outside help. If so, then Hoberleigh is a great choice for this.

Hoberleigh brings her light and shines it on the troubles you’re experiencing so you know what they are and can take appropriate action. She gets to the root of the problem very quickly. Bottom line?

Jim Carruth

Pasadena, CA 

I resented my son-in-law for years

I resented my son-in-law for years. My daughter is happily married to him but I still was so angry. I saw him as ruining my daughter's life. She worked, took care of the house and the baby. In my eyes he did nothing. I was seeing Hoberleigh for another problem but when I mentioned this anger I told her I needed to bring my daughter in so she could see how badly she was being treated. Hoberleigh surprised me by asking if my daughter was happy. I admitted that she seemed to be. Hoberleigh suggested that maybe I was the one who needed the session. Reluctantly I agreed, but only to prove her wrong. By the end of the session I was shocked to find all of my anger toward my son-in-law was gone. He really is a kind, loving, good human being that gives my daughter joy. He has a good job, provides for the family and does so much for her that I was blind to. Now I understand all she does for him is because she loves him. And I am now free from the anger.

Sara, AZ


I admit I was skeptical.

I admit I was skeptical. And it is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced the amazing work Hoberleigh does. If you have lingering and/or unexplained health problems or just minor aches and pains, just set your doubts aside and give it a try. My first session was an amazing, healing experience and a week later, I feel so much lighter and free as I go through life. I want to see her once a week! I also feel like Hoberleigh showed me a little but amazing secret in the universe that most never know about. However, you can know too if you give it a try. 

Note from Hoberleigh:  I specialize in releasing trauma from the body. To work online it is important that you know the cause of your trauma. Once that is released, physical problems MAY be relieved. I do not work specifically on physical issues.

My experience with Hoberleigh was a special one. A mutual friend had connected us. My intention was to meet with her and have a conversation. One thing led to another and healing work took place. It was an experience I didn't expect. Hoberleigh's gentle and intuitive spirit holds the capacity for healing on a deep level. I am forever grateful for my experience with Hoberleigh. 




I used to grieve daily

15 years ago I lost my baby. It was the worst day of my life. Everyday I relived that horrible day. After a single session I no longer grieve. I was given back my life.


I know that this is a permanent fix!

In  1979, after many kinds of treatment, my forty-two-year-old sister died of ovarian cancer. In 2001, a second sister died from this disease.  After therapy and much grief counseling did not lessen the grief, I  found Hoberleigh, and she was able to help me with my grief. I now can think of my sisters and recall the love, the joy, and the fun, not the sorrow and loss.  Hoberleigh ’s help freed my soul from emotions that were keeping me prisoner and I am most grateful.


Allergies and more

My Allergy Healing

Allergies have plagued me from childhood, with a vengeance that had been increasing proportionally with age. Whether it was cats, dogs, other animals, certain chemicals, pollen, dust, insects, perfume, other smells, my own sweat, and a host of many others, immediate contact had me sneezing, coughing, crying, itching, fully congested, and breaking in rashes/hives. In time, I learned to accept allergies as a permanent part of life with medication as my constant companion; that is until Hoberleigh cleared my allergies…in three ways - as a happenstance, an accident, and a matter of course.

The first time was a happenstance because we just happened to be chatting about pets. I told her that I could never really relate to pets as much, nor visit homes of family and friends with indoor pets, due to my annoying allergic reactions. To make matters worse, cats and dogs seemed to be drawn to me, curling at my feet, climbing on my lap or on the arms/shoulders/backs of whatever chair/couch I would happen to be sitting on. It was sweet but torturous! When Hoberleigh suggested clearing my cat allergy (my worst), I jumped on it. All it took was one session and, voila! I was no longer reacting to cats!  

The interesting thing was, I also stopped having allergic reactions to dogs, dust, pollen, and my own sweat! For the first time in many years, I did not have swollen, itchy patches of red skin on my body during the heat of summer. When I asked Hoberleigh how that happened, she said, “I don’t know. Maybe my place was dusty, so you were cleared of the dust, too. Plus, it was hot that day – maybe you were sweating while I was doing the clearing.” So there you go – I was cleared by accident! I felt like a new person relieved from toxins and a toxic relationship with allergy medication.

But of course, I signed up for the full clearing! After all, I had other allergies, like food and who knows what else? Hoberleigh tested and cleared me, even for those allergies that I didn’t know I had. There are no words to express how it now feels to live without suffering, with the freedom to fully enjoy this wonderful world!!! 



Thank You


Hoberleigh Phreigh takes her work seriously

After being muscle-tested on the full spectrum of possible allergens and undergoing Hoberleigh’s unique clearing protocol, I can honestly say that the symptoms I experience from allergies both known (gluten) and unknown (caffeine) have been mitigated. My customary 2 cups of morning coffee no longer give me the jitters and even more impressively, my elimination (sorry if “t.m.i.”!) is not as fraught. I would recommend Hoberleigh’s treatments to anyone who is ready and willing to see what life can be like without whatever it is that is ailing them.


Pasadena, CA

I highly recommend her.

I  was one of those skeptics who didn't know what to think about "energy  healing."  But I did know that taking antihistamines for my allergies was only making me sleepy. Hoberleigh's treatment was relaxing and beneficial. I got great results with no side effects.  Easy, quick and painless--my kind of medicine. 

T.R.  Pasadena

I was on Claritin for about 20 years.

“I  used have rapid machine gun sneezing.  I couldn't breathe through my nose for up to 20 minutes after an attack. I would have to use my C-pap machine to clear my sinuses. Hoberleigh cleared me of food sensitivities. After that treatment I  felt so good I was cleaning out my dusty garage and had a serious allergy attack. Once again I saw Hoberleigh who cleared me of environmental allergies, including dust and mold. Since then I have been able to work in my garage without allergy symptoms and I no longer take the Claritin. I still take an antihistamine in the morning because I  awaken with a runny nose, but that's all. I am planning on having  Hoberleigh give me one more treatment to relieve that.”

Art B.


I'm no longer seasick

“I  suffered from motion sickness since I was young. It didn’t matter what  kind of moving vehicle I was in, be it a plane, ship or car.  I became  hopeful that this might not be a lifelong issue once I heard about  Hoberleigh’s work. Since my treatment I have been on several ocean  cruises and my motion sickness has disappeared. I would definitely  recommend her to my friends.”

“L. J.  Los Angeles”


The experience was profound

Hi Hoberleigh, 

I want to take a moment and thank you for sharing your time with me yesterday. The experience was profound on so many levels for me. To feel safe to speak my truth with no judgment, was more than I could have ever asked for. I have known that those experiences had an affect on me but never did I imagine the depth of the emotions I have felt for all these years. I always viewed them being “part of life”

After going through the process, I now understand that I need to acknowledge moments when I can feel the currents in my body shifting, speak of them and allow myself to let my emotions surface. I have always told myself strength is putting on a strong facade, when a person or situation has an effect on me. Through your guidance, I got to process my feelings in a way that I can truly say I did not know I was capable of doing. I thank you for sharing your presence with me.

Thank you,