Freedom to unleash your "hp" human potential

Tele-Energetics hp Technique

This video answers questions about Tele-Energetics hp Technique.

Trauma Release Session with Norma

Here's a session with Norma. We are using an online platform called Zoom to conduct an energetic distance healing.

Follow-up Session with Norma

This is the follow-up session conducted a few days after the original session. Included is a guided meditation to expand the love within the heart throughout one's  energetic field and beyond. All are welcome to participate.

Releasing a Traumatic Event with Geo

In this video you'll see Hoberleigh help Geo release the shock of learning that his partner needed emergency heart surgery.


In this session Hoberleigh helps Kristine with the sadness of the loss of her home. This is an edited version of a longer session.